About us

About us

 For many people, tea is only a simple drink. But for COMEBUY, it insists on each cup of made to order tea for the purpose of giving you the best feeling.

At COMEBUY, we test and safeguard our products through our SafetyLab and certification programs. We strive to provide high quality ingredients to our customers.

Our values

Our Aspiration

We aim to the brand of choice by providing customer value, satisfaction and quality.

Our Dedication

We think outside the box to offer a variety of signature drinks for you to indulge and enjoy.

Our Goals

Today we are revolutionizing the beverages you drink fresh, healthy, delicious, made from premium quality ingredients. These thoughts we believe give you better choices and taste.

Management philosophy

Persistence in made-to-order beverages: Allows the customers to savor the quality of premium made-to-order tea; the founder believes that only such professional qualified tea will satisfy and touch the consumers!

Emphasis on consumers’ drinking health: We stringently control the source and quality of the materials to develop the exclusive low calorie formula.

The logo is designed with elements of water ripples, heart shape: This symbolizes that we treat each cup of tea with Dedication, Commitment, Happiness and Thoughtfulness; moreover, with the most down to earth, diligent and cautious attitude, we aim to steady and propagate the brand towards sustainable management.

Five senses: We have endowed the tea with the five senses of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting, so that the consumers may see the beauty of the tea leaves, smell the fragrance and touch the quality.

With a heritage of 5,000 years of tea-drinking culture, perhaps one may replace alcohol with tea to continue the longstanding tea culture and introduce it to the Western world.

KANPAI to COMEBUY: Recently, we have expanded locations across Asia, the U.S.  Oceania and even Europe. Our intention is to introduce the icon of Oriental culture and tea into the lives of people around the world, so that it will be reknowned by the world and rank World No.1.